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We offer free online courses and accreditation of courses is the only fees paid by our students. We depend on donations from charitable funds, alumni, Governments, Fundraising activities and Special projects

Our major aim is to eliminate illetracy in uganda as a country and Africa as a continent by 2050. We vision a country and region that will attain quality education, skills and jobs at almost no cost. And being non segregative and non discriminative university, we consider the Prison inmates and refugees in the region, the Peple Living with disabilities, etc.

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Frequently Asks Questions

Below are some of the critical questions you may ask your self before benefiting from SMU Online

  1. Fill the application form online
  2. Pay the application fees (50,000 UGX)
  3. Attach your academic credentials
  4. Admission confirmation/cancellation message will be emailed
  5. Use the link in your email to login and start the course
  1. Pay Research and Internship Fees
  2. Pay Functional Fees for acrediation
  3. Pay for national examination fees for UBTEB
  4. Pay Graduation Fees
  5. Note that all courses are tuition free
  1. Online Application Degree
  2. Online Application Diploma
  3. Online Application Certificate
  4. Online Application Short Courses
  5. Online Application Job Applications

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